150k+ Gold per Hour SOLO Goldfarm in World of Warcraft - Shadowlands Goldfarm

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Today we are looking at a SOLO Goldfarm in World of Warcraft that can give you 150k+ gold per hour, and you can actually get several recipes from this dungeon aswell that are worth over 500k gold! One of the jackpot items is the Felsteel Longblade Recipe, and you also get a lot of other high value items including several weapons that sell in the 3k to 20k price range, with a sellrate of to , which is a really good sellrate for transmog items! So if you're looking for a good transmog goldfarm, this dungeon is definitely worth trying out! Right now transmog farms are especially valuable because everyone is focused on doing Shadowlands Goldfarms, so there's less competition in the transmog farming market!

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