1H Spear is BACK! | Corrupted Dungeons | Solo PvP | Albion Online

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This episode features Albion Online Solo PvP with the return of the legendary 1H Spear! A lot of people asked me if the normal spear would make a comeback and could compare to the Avalonian spear - and it definitely can!
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00:17 Light Crossbow
01:21 Dual Daggers
01:44 Black Hands
02:54 Claymore
04:13 Bonus Clip
04:35 Broadsword
06:10 Claymore
07:21 1H Dagger
08:13 Claymore
09:33 Infernal Scythe
10:56 Forge Hammers

- Revenger
- Conflict
- Criminals
- Safe
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