3 COLOR CUSTOM PAINTING PHONE CASES *DIY Phone Case Art Makeover Challenge | Ruby and Raylee

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We did a new 3 Color Custom Painting Phone Cases video! We have had so many requests to film another one of these challenges! In this video we makeover 4 clear iPhone cases with Acrylic Paints and Markers using different Themes! We hope that we inspire you to have a go at customizing and painting your own Phone cases. Head over to our Community Page here ➨ and let us know who you think won each round. Thank you so much for watching! Love you ~ Ruby and Raylee ???? #3ColorChallenge​ #PaintingChallenge #RubyandRaylee​ #MakeoverChallenge​ #DIYPhoneCase​ #CustomPhoneCase​ #PaintingiPhone​ #ArtChallenge​ #Painting #DIY #Art #SisVsSis​ #RSisterSquad​

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Phone Cases
Clear iphone 8 Plus:
Clear iphone SE 2020:

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