3D Printed Super Chipmunk Takes Flight!

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The digital files for this aircraft are available for sale, along with detailed build instructions. You can download the build guide as well as sample parts for free at

With only a few ever in existence, the Super Chipmunk was most notably piloted by the famous American aerobatic pilot, aerial cameraman, and flight instructor, Art Scholl. Art’s version of the Super Chipmunk was recognizable for its red, white and blue livery and Pennzoil corporate sponsorship. He flew his aircraft before an estimated audience of 80 million people over 20 years, many times with his dog, Aileron, along for the ride. He appeared in more than 200 motion picture features, documentaries and television commercials.

Art Scholl died in 1985 during the filming of Top Gun when his Pitts S-2 camera plane failed to recover from a spin and plunged into the Pacific Ocean. This reproduction of Art’s iconic aircraft is a tribute to his life, the impact he had on the aviation community, and the joy he brought to millions with his graceful aerobatic routine.

While the Super Chipmunk isn’t well suited for beginner pilots, it is an excellent choice for your first aerobatic sport plane. Its gentle flight characteristics, wide landing gear, and gentle stall characteristics make it a good choice for your first low wing aircraft as well.

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1/6 Scale 3D Printed Super Chipmunk Specs:

Wingspan: 1625mm / 64”
Length: 1356mm / ”
Height: 482mm / 19”
Wing Area: 704 in²
Wing Loading (LW-PLA Hybrid): oz/ft²
Wing Cube Loading (LW-PLA Hybrid):
Wing Loading (PLA): oz/ft²
Wing Cube Loading (PLA):
Flight Performance Category: Scale Aerobatics
Center of Gravity Location: 75 - 85mm behind the Wing’s Leading Edge
Weight of Printed Parts (LW-PLA Hybrid): 1940g / 67 oz
Weight of Printed Parts (PLA): 2817g / 100 oz
Flying Weight : 3250g (LW-PLA) to 4250g (PLA) / - oz
Recommended Max Flying Weight: 4500g / oz
No. of Channels: 4 - Throttle, Aileron, Elevator, Rudder
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