7 Sonic Youth Songs

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I've wanted to do a Sonic Youth riffs video for a while now, but as the different tunings are so awkward to use, I'm only just getting round to it now. There are obviously a lot of songs I could have chosen, but here are 7 that are among some of my favourites and that didn't require too many different tunings to switch between. As I recently bought a new bass, I was tempted to have a go at layering all three guitar parts, which may have turned out to be one big mess. Even still, I learnt a lot in the process.

0:00 Kool Thing
0:46 Tom Violence
1:35 Silver Rocket
2:31 Starpower
3:07 100%
3:49 Mildred Pierce
4:25 Schizophrenia

TUNINGS (Bass in standard)
Kool Thing F#F#F#F#EB (Both)
Tom Violence F#F#GGAA (Both)
Silver Rocket ACCGG#C (Jazzmaster) AAEEAA (Strat)
Starpower F#F#F#F#EB (Both)
100% F#F#F#F#EB (Both)
Mildred Pierce EADGBE (Both)
Schizophrenia F#F#GGAA (Jazzmaster) DDDDAA (SG)

Joyo AC Tone pedal
GarageBand (EQ and reverb)
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