A better mix for your church service live stream web audio

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Whether your church mixes the audio for web live stream on a separate desk in a separate room or you use the same mix from the front of house mixer in the room, there are some things you can do to add live, presence and a sense of space into the mix you use for your service video. In our case, our broadcast mix is the board mix, but we utilize panning, reverb and room mics to improve the quality and make it so it doesn’t sound flat and dry.

This video covers:

1. Actual audio examples of our broadcast mix
2. Why we use panning to create space in the mix (even though the sound system is mono)
3. How we use reverb on the drums
4. How we use reverb on the vocals (and why we differentiate between the lead and BGV vocals)
5. How we incorporate room mics to bring a bit of the room back into the video recording


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