A Birds-Eye View of Matahi Drollet’s Teahupo’o Screamer Tops Clips of the Month for June

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June’s “Clips of the Month” is a mixed bag of goodies, with epic footage flying at us from Bali to Brazil. But with COVID canceling most international travel plans, COTM is once again a locals-only affair at waves all around the globe: Lee Wilson in Bali, Kevin Schultz in Texas (he’s a local at Waco by now, yeah?), Yago Dora in Brazil, etc, etc. Of course, while we’re all (mostly) sheltering-in-place — or at least we’re all surfing in place — the locals at Teahupo’o might have the best stay-at-home orders at the moment. For the second time in two months, a wild Chopes wave tops our list, and this time it’s a beautifully ridden bomb by Matahi Drollet. After Drollet’s eye-popping ride, there are a couple of other very notable performances, including Dora’s backside full rotation (which was the best backside air of his life), and Wilson’s wild chocolate brown barrel in Bali (which was the best tube of his life). Click play above for the full list, and then scroll below to see each wave stand on its own.
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