A Very Merry Christmas with Sonic

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In the series finale of Christmas with Sonic, Sonic and his friends find themselves on a grand adventure to save Christmas! Will they deliver all of Santa’s presents in one night? Find out in “A Very Merry Christmas with Sonic”!

We are sad to say goodbye to the series but we have come to a point where we feel it’s right to have a finale. There are many reasons why we have chosen to end it, but know we made the decision in order to keep the integrity of the series.

We hope that you’ll continue to make Christmas with Sonic part of your yearly traditions, and don’t be too sad to see it go!

Thank you for watching!

00:00 Opening Titles
00:44 Manic Meets Santa
01:43 A Rotten Egg Nog
03:03 Manic's Wish
03:48 Candy Cane Clink
05:57 The Family Arrives
07:16 Eggman's Sad Side
08:34 Santa's Workshop
09:10 The Fusion Sleds
10:15 The Big Takeoff
11:22 Up on the House Top
12:02 uwu
13:07 A Bit Backed Up
13:34 Bumped Off Course
14:44 Mayday Through Time
15:58 Christmas with Sonic
17:02 The Jolly Montage
17:52 Back to the Future
18:22 Back in Good Old Mom's House
19:09 Softboiled Eggman
19:54 A Final Toast
21:00 Credits
22:10 He Comes from the Planet Earth 2

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