All New Jeep Grand Wagoneer revealed - Interior, Exterior view

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This is a review of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer concept 2020.

The Grand Wagoneer revealed today is technically a concept, meaning we’ve still got a fair bit of road before we reach our dealer-ready destination. But as concepts go, this one sure looks pretty production-friendly, with none of the oversized wheels, unfeasible lighting elements, and miniscule-to-nonexistent side-view mirrors usually seen on design studies. Instead, the Grand Wagoneer concept looks for all the world like the machine we might see in dealer showrooms for the 2022 model year. Whether we like that look or not depends on who you ask, though.

One area in which the Grand Wagoneer concept leaves its old man in the dust is in-cabin technology. The elegantly styled cockpit is dripping with modern touches, including seven, count ‘em seven, information screens that run Uconnect 5, which Jeep says is five times faster than the already excellent Uconnect 4. The driver sits behind a reconfigurable display, while the passenger gets their own touchscreen infotainment system right on the dashboard.

A split-screen layout similar to Land Rover’s TouchPro Duo appears in the center stack, with a upper display serving as the primary infotainment system. A lower touchscreen mounted near the center console is called a “comfort display,” operating features like seat massage and lumbar adjustments. A few hard climate controls join a tuning and a volume knob, providing a few logical, analog inputs to go along with the digital-heavy front cabin.

In the back, rear-seat passengers get their own center console display. Jeep didn’t explain what this feature did, but we think it probably manages the climate and seat controls. In addition, a touchscreen display appears on each front seatback for the rear-seat entertainment system. McIntosh Laboratory audio appears in the Grand Wagoneer concept, representing a rare foray into in-car audio for the company.

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