✅ Android 10 : Oppo A31 Android 10 Update ???? ~ Oppo A31 ColorOS 7 Update ~ Oppo A31 Update ???????

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???? Android 10 : Oppo A31 Android 10 Update ???? ~ Oppo A31 ColorOS 7 Update ~ Oppo A31 Update ????????????

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Dear Colour OS and Oppo,

Sub: The update for Oppo A31

As per the promise made by Oppo company , two major updates were to be launched for the Oppo A31 series. It has been 9 months since it was being announced. The users are still using the Colour OS version on their phones. A group was being made by the Oppo A31 users which include 5000+ Oppo A31 users. The calls are being made to the agents inorder to get information about the update but all are in vain. Agents are themselves not sure about when the update will be released. One agent says that the the update has already been launched in October while other agent says that the update will be launched in the next 48 hours. The service provided by Oppo care is getting worse day by day. All users are fed up waiting for the update to get released. I request you to launch the update by 31 December 2020 or else all Oppo A31 users will stop using the Oppo A31 phones and will also tell other people about the poor service provided by Oppo. I hope the Oppo company still cares about the interests of it's users.

Thank you

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