Anu Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Pooja Gandhi, Baalu, Rashmi | Kannada

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Pooja Gandh; Balu; Rashmi; Nagkiran; Ramesh Bhat

Anu is an orphan and a post graduate in criminal psychology. She joins a TV channel as a reporter. She is entrusted with the task of cracking the secrets behind a series of mysterious serial killings involving the collecting of body organs. The killer always leaves a rose at the crime scene as his signature. While the police attempt to keep the matter silent, Anasuya takes up the task of investigating on these murders. In this process, she meets a police task force officer, Anand who is involved with the investigation. One night, she finds a shady figure lurking in the shadows of her house. When her watchman is alerted, the figure disappears. She hurriedly reaches for Joseph, only to find him murdered in the same fashion as the other murders.
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