Auto Rickshaw Offroad Driver Simulator 2020 - Indian Tuk Tuk Transport Game - Android Gameplay

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Play Tuk Tuk Driving Simulator game 2020 to experience the new adventure in driving simulator games.
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Your task is to pick & drop the passengers to their destination. You can also race the Tuk Tuk in racing mode. There are different routes to travel like city, off-road and hill side. Beware of the off-road tough paths and obstacles. Cross carefully on the ramps of the hills. Apply brakes at the right moment. Accelerate the Tuk Tuk to reach on time. Have fun with your favorite game available now!

Tuk Tuk Driving Simulator 2019 Highlights:

• Free Simulation Game
• Unique missions to play in each theme
• Extreme Tuk Tuk Driving with Dangerous Turns
• A complete Hill Station Environment to Explore
• Pick and Drop passengers to their Destinations
• Best simulation gameplay ever played
• Different Tuk Tuk to upgrade

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