[Bahasa Live] WINTER CLASH - IKO UWAIS TEAM VS AL GHAZALI TEAM! | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Iko Uwais and Al Ghazali play together with proplayer? What will happen!?

Watch them play alongside with pro player from RRQ, Alter Ego, EVOS, Aura, Geek Fam and MLBB top Influencer!

Also support your favorite Cosplayer and watch the born of the new MLBB Cosplayer! Kameaam, Punipun, and Benita, 3 professional judges is ready to objectively judge them and choose the best cosplayer!

There is also a GIVEAWAY for viewers! The more the viewer, the more the reward! Don't forget to share, like, comment, and subscribe!

viewers = Small Emblem*10 (x15)
5K viewers = Double Battle Point Card (1day) (x15)
10K viewers = Hero Fragment*10 + Hero Trial Card Package (3 days) (x15)
15K viewers = Skin Fragments*10 + Hero Trial Card Package (3days) (x15)
25K viewers = Special Skin (x10)
40K viewers = Epic Skin (x6)
50K viewers = Starlight Skin (x6)
75K viewers = Epic Skin (x6)
100K viewers = Starlight Skin (x6)

Eits, don't forget to log in and preorder SNOWFLAKE DART also claim Free Special Skin on 26 December. This event will be #JadiLegendaBaru and #BahagiaSamaMLBB in the end of this year!.
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