Baller Busters Gets Owned By FOREX SCAM❓ (Cheat Code Exposed)

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✅GOT EMMM! @ballerbusters on Instagram made a big mistake by letting me get featured on their exposure page. While at first glance from many new viewers who look at me, their instinct is to guess/assume/pre judge that I am a scammer ripping people off with my marketing ventures. Part of it is societies conditioning to think that everything that isn't a regular "real job" is suspicious & wrong. Part of it is the fact that many scams really do exist. Part of the prejudge is also simply because I (& many people you'll see me around) are young and "URBAN" (you know what that THEY don't like seeing US live life & show it off)... They found the right one to mess with because I've actually been attempting to bait them into "exposing" me for weeks by using their hashtags on my posts and tagging their accounts. They didn't do any proper research & assumed that we are in turn telling their not so bright audience & assorted "know it all" bubbled tight wad yuppies (mainly the bad jerkoff bigoted kind of American yea i said it????????‍♂️) that im a scammer so that they could proceed to comment nasty things (some even with racial undertones, but we'll get to that in a future video) Ballerbusters is afraid of me, which is why they ended up blocking me and people who follow me. They may have realized that im for real. They're lucky i don't have the energy yet to pursuit legal action for defamation & cyber I may also have found out who is behind those accounts. ???? ????

Not only did i succeed in baiting to getting the exposure, but thanks to their lack of research to find out this "cheat code" is actually legit helping many people, I actually ended up getting a bunch of new followers & some that are even interested in finding out about the Azha Trader bot which provides hands free passive income via the forex in other words truly passive income without having to do any work, any trades, or anything besides setting it and forgetting it. This is not a course. This is NOT an MLM. This isn't much like things you've seen before. We don't expect everybody to believe it at first glance, but if you pay attention, you'll be seeing more undeniable proof.

There are people who've seen me on BallerBusters that feel the same way I do about their approach. They acknowledge me standing up unlike everyone else that gets bullied by them.

Not everyone they expose is 100% legit, but we don’t agree with how far they’ve gone and I’m surprised the page is still on Instagram. They're currently terrified of me.

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