Best Android Launchers (Summer 2020) Tested & Reviewed

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I've been testing a wide range of the best Android launchers available to download from Google Play apps store in 2020. Here's my reviews of my favourite smartphone setups so far, including free classics, Pro versions and new launchers offering deep customisation and heavy skinning.

We start with the excellent Nova (in full Prime glory), which is still one of the greatest Android downloads around. Hyperion also offers a near stock Android vibe, but with seriously impressive personalised options under the surface.

Poco Launcher is a light and fast launcher which proves perfect for less capable phones, while Lawnchair is still one of my favourite downloads. Meanwhile fans of BlackBerry and Microsoft are well catered for with the manufacturers' excellent Google Play offerings.

If you'd rather completely change up the look and feel of your Android mobile then I highly recommend Niagara, KISS and Smart Launcher 5. Niagara and KISS in particular will be ideal for anyone after a streamlined finish.

I didn't have time to go into some other of my favourite choices of 2020, including EVIE - but stay tuned for more reviews soon!
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