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This place Abdul Noor Abdul Rehman Bakery has made me fall for it. I planned to stay in Dubai itself after having their amazing best kebab. I have never had a kebab like this before, and none can stand with this and beyond this can only be the fairy tale. I just loved the taste and no words can describe the taste of it. The people who stays near to this place would be the gold hearted people I could say as the taste was that much amazing. IO would like to that Zubin for taking me to this place, and it is obviously one of the hidden gem in Sharjah, UAE. I had mutton and chicken Kebab and it was very juicy and tender. My tongue started praising me and I could feel it. The prices were inexpensive that any one can afford.


0:00 - Intro
1:15 - Kitchen
3:36 - Mutton Kebab
5:27 - Chicken Kebab
6:46 - Review on both kebabs
9:44 - Kitchen Shots
11:02 - Closure

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