Best Smart Trainers 2020 | 10-Way Mega-Test

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This video contains product placement on behalf of Zwift. These are the ten best smart trainers as rated by our team of expert testers, here at BikeRadar.

A smart trainer, or sometimes called a turbo trainer, is a training tool that offers variable resistance like a normal indoor trainer, but with the added benefit of allowing the resistance and other parameters to be controlled by cycling apps such as Zwift. For example, when riding a virtual course on a smart trainer, if you begin to climb a hill, the resistance ramps up and you have to pedal harder, just like when riding outdoors. When doing group rides or a race on Zwift, the resistance gets easier when you are riding in a group, simulating a draft.

Modern bike computers can also ‘drive’ the smart trainer, allowing you to set the resistance at a predetermined wattage or to simulate an existing course. These are key reasons to use a smart trainer: to make indoor riding much more fun and more productive.

The trainers on test -

Saris M2 - 01:07
Tacx Flux S - 03:01
Elite Suito - 06:00
Wahoo Kickr Core - 08:32
BKool Smart Air Lite - 10:23
Saris H3 - 12:40
Kurt Kinetic R1 Direct Drive - 15:14
Wahoo Kickr - 17:13
Elite Drivo II - 19:09
Tacx NEO 2T - 21:38

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