BLOOD MAYKRS - DOOM Eternal's Most HATED Enemy?

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BLOOD MAYKRS. Are they DOOM Eternal's most hated enemy? Today, we talk about WHY they were made this way. How to fix them. I actually kinda like them usually, but are they too extreme? Kinda.
They only appear in The Holt in The Ancient Gods Part 1 DLC - unless you're using mods, which we can't account for, I'll explain why.
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0:00 / The issues with Blood Maykrs
0:34 / What is their design purpose?
1:28 / Did Id Software go overboard with blood maykrs? What about mods?
3:01 / What 2 things make them so hard?
4:00 / Why Chrono Strike is KING!
5:02 / Why the SLOWDOWN needs tweaked!
5:42 / The Bugs!
6:09 / How should blood maykrs be balanced, without making them too easy?
7:05 / Why the Samur fight blood maykr is so deadly!
7:50 / The answer to the combat puzzle!

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