BRUTAL DOOM v21 Dox - Isle Of Death [100% SECRETS]

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BRUTAL DOOM v21 together with Dox Personalized Addon and an Isle Of Death map from ManiacalRobot on Ultra-Violence difficulty level, 100% Secrets achieved. Isle of Death is a fun map with over 400+ monsters because Pain Elementals will surely love to bring back to live even more Lost Souls, add to it some Arch-Viles and such amount is surely possible to fight. Your adventure begins on a large bridge made of green marble, immediately next to you there are some weapons that might be useful (Minigun spawn oriented, so everything from SMG to Chainguns), grab also some ammo. Behind you there is also a first of the five secrets on map, on a small alcove that can be seen only with freelook, there is a Super Shotgun spawn with some shotgun shells incluced, quite handy stuff for your first encounters. Once you eliminated or ignored these annoying Imps throwing fireballs at you since the beginning of the level, you will enter a long and dark corridor with a dozen or so Pinkies inside, use your shotgun to take them out. Soon you will enter a large Courtyard with multiple Cacodemons and two Pain Elementals, of course Pain Elementals are your primary targets because of the Lost Souls problem, try to get some blasts at them as soon as possible. After walking through a small corridor you will enter another part of the island, this is where a real fun begins - it gets quite difficult from this place, try to eliminate the incoming monsters one by one, there are lots of them. Remember that in Dox Personalized Addon Imps are way more aggressive and they love to leap at you or throw 3 fireballs at once and there are a lot of them outside, including the sniping Shotgunners or Chaingunners far away. Head to the right once you clear the area, try to not trigger the Arch-Vile ambush that is triggered by a Soulsphere, first concentrate on grabbing a BFG from the alcove with a Mancubus behind you on stairs, it is also a secret. With BFG in your hands this becomes way easier, remember that with Dox's Addon you use 50 Cells per shot instead of 40 as always, but the BFG blast is so extremely powerful that you can just blast your way through in lots of cases. And remember that the Grenades have been updated lately, even though the initial explosion is weaker than before, you also have lots of clusters projectiles that expand a blast and deal more damage.

Secret 1 - 00:00
Secret 2 - 08:10
Secret 3 - 11:40
Secret 4 - 15:30
Secret 5 - 16:40

Brutal Doom v21 -
Dox778's personalized Brutal Doom -
Devastator -
Isle of Death -
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