BRUTAL DOOM v21 Dox - Temple of Doom [100% SECRETS]

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Brutal Doom v21 and Dox Personalized Addon, together with Temple Of Doom by Vedan on Ultra-Violence difficulty level, 100% Secrets achieved. Long time since the last DOOM video, we are returning with a small update coming from Dox and his addon, as you can see on the thumbnail we've received a new toy to use. Oscillator/Nailgun is a new upgrade for your Minigun, with a simple key you can switch between two modes (it takes a little time to change) and enjoy to fire deadly nails at your enemies. Instead of having a belt-fed system, Nailgun uses 75 rounds magazines and it's quite a lot for using Oscillator with continuous fire, trust me it's still a lot of nails to use. Projectiles are fired in medium to fast rate of fire, their damage output is quite high and with headshots you can easily take down such enemies like Hell Knights or Mancubi with ease. This is a really devastating weapon against any kind of weaker enemy like former human or Imp, two nails are enough to simply dismember them and pin them to wall, Pinkies are a little bit tougher. The second fire mode is also a bless when you enter a quite small room with multiple monsters inside, a hot package of multiple nails is fired straight at your enemies, shredding them to pieces with ease. Remember that nail's speed is not really fast so you might have problems with firing at flying enemies such as Cacodemons or especially Lost Souls that love to evade the barrage of incoming projectiles. Temple of Doom is a quite difficult level in few places, especially the beginning where you almost have no health and armor, so you must be aware of teleporting basic enemies just next to you, might hurt a lot. It gets easier when you collect more and more weapons, especially when you explore really important secrets since the beginning, an additional armor and backpack at the beginning of the map is a precious thing. Once you have all the needed keys, go to the last arena and fight multiple monsters - nothing really difficult to be honest, just some Mancubi, Imps, Revenants and one Baron Of Hell, nothing too difficult :).

Secret #1 00:08
Secret #2 00:45
Secret #3 02:22
Secret #4 02:55
Secret #5 05:05

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