BRUTAL DOOM v21 Power Fantasy - Extreme Terror [100% SECRETS]

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BRUTAL DOOM v21 together with a Power Fantasy addon made by Wolvexus and an Extreme Terror map by yukib1t on the Ultra-Violence difficulty level, 100% Secrets achieved. Brutal Doom Power Fantasy is a mod with several new monsters added to the roster, it includes Snipers and Machine Gunners, Cyber Hell Knights, Dark Imps, Super Arachnotrons or Diabolist ArchViles. But you also have really powerful weapons added to your arsenal, together with basic Brutal Doom weapons you also get a Desert Eagle, Revolver, BFG10k, BFG Grenades, Submachine Gun and a brand new Sniper Rifle. All of the weapons also received an upgrades with alternate fire mode that has increased ammo consumption, like Sonis shells for Pump-Action Shotgun, Explosive Shells for Super Shotgun or SABOT Slugs for Assault Shotgun. Some of these upgrades can also deal way more damage to the player than to the enemies, for example never use Demon Tech Rockets when you are close to your enemies, this blast will most likely kill you quite fast. Extreme Terror map is divided in three sections which player has to explore - the main base on the surface of planet, deep underground section of the facility with really unstable core and as most of the times, the Hell itself. To enter the sub-level first you need to disable the safety lock, if you immediately rush there without disabling it, you will be poisoned and all the doors will shut, simply leaving you to die without a possibility to return. You will have to find and use a yellow and blue keycards scattered across the base, you can also find 6 secrets in this area - twice you will have two secrets really close to each other, remaining two secrets are a Megaarmor and Soulsphere. Once you enter the sub-levels of facility with unstable core, there are additional 5 secrets to explore - your first early Plasma Rifle spawn, Soulsphere and Blur Sphere spawn, together with a Berserk Pack and Invulnerability sphere near core. The core is quite tricky because this is a part of the map where you can simply DIE without fighting, you need to reset the core's meltdown by pressing 4 switches in correct order - but be quick because you have only 20 seconds. When you return to the main base, Hell will reveal outside where was the blue keycard to find - jump to the portal and you will be teleported to the unknown area, prepare for the last minutes of fighting in Hell.

02:00 - Secret #1
02:30 - Secrets #2, 3 (Noclip is needed, dunno why it does not register secrets normally)
04:10 - Secrets #4, 5
04:50 - Secret #6
11:25 - Secrets #7, 8
12:45 - Secret #9
13:00 - Secret #10
17:00 - Secret #11
23:40 - Secret #12
23:55 - Secret #13

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