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A Bubble Gum Simulator live SECRET PET giveaway is happening RIGHT NOW at the ZenZone with the brand new Update 60 pets, An ETERNAL CUCUMBER SECRET PET, VERY HIGH-VALUE Limiteds and T3 PETS, TOYCODES, and some surprises. Roblox hype at it's finest!

Update 60 pets, Axolotl Plushies, TONS of MYTHICS, Shadow Hunters, Toycodes and TON of other great gifts for the family at the #ZenZone .

----????⬇️Connect with me here ⬇️????----
????Twitter -
????Our Roblox Group - #!/about
????Watch me on Twitch Link -
????Instagram -
????TikTok - RadDadZen1
????SnapChat - RadDadZen
????Discord Link -

----⬇️ ????⬇️ ZFUEL INFORMATION BELOW!!! ⬇️ ???? ⬇️----

????Type !zfuel in chat to see your total cans. (This command has a 15-second global cooldown)????

????Hang out in the stream to gain 1 can of Z-fuel for EVERY MINUTE you're in the stream. During SUPER-FUELED streams you gain even MORE!????
➡️Points carry over to future streams!⬅️
⬇️Here are the OTHER ways to earn Z-Fuel to spend in chat.⬇️
????BECOME a Member and earn 300 cans! (Link below in the description)
????$1 USD in Superchat - earn 100 cans per $1 donation

⬇️COMMAND LIST⬇️ (Note, using the commands will SPEND your cans on perks)

????!z midpet ➡️ cost 1400 cans - ????3 x SHINY FRUITY SHOCKS
????!z superfuel ➡️ cost 1500 cans - Double Zfuel earned for EVERYONE per minute (Limit 3 uses per stream)
????!z zenpet ➡️ cost 2200 cans - ????Citrus Overlord
????!z shoutout ➡️ cost 2400 cans - We'll SHOUTOUT your channel, visit, and subscribe!
????!z narwheel ➡️ cost 2400 cans - ROLL the LEGENDARY NARWHEEL - ONLY ACTIVE during Narwheel HYPE
????!z raidme ➡️ cost 2500 cans - We'll raid your channel at the end of the stream and spam your chat!
????!z discord ➡️ cost 3000 cans - I'll add you as a friend on DISCORD!
????!z dancehype ➡️ costs 3000 cans - Activate the DANCE PARTY!!!
????!z bigpet ➡️ cost 3600 cans - ???? (SHINY) Citrus Overlord
????!z voicechat ➡️ cost 5000 cans - Voice Chat with me (30 minutes)!
????!z bigshout ➡️ cost 6000 cans - A BOT will advertise your channel (WITH LINK) for the duration of the next 2 streams! 20,000 people could see your channel!
????!z secret ➡️ cost 55000 cans - Radiant One (SECRET PET)

The Zfuel feature is still in BETA, is not guaranteed, and is subject to change.

----⬇️????Important Stuff Below????⬇️----

????Become a RadDadZen Zone MEMBER HERE! This helps SO MUCH!! -

????Check out the new MEDITATING in ZEN RL Merch Here -

???? Subscribe and hit the bell for more recorded content and Roblox Live-Streams.

????If you like this live stream, be sure to check out the other content on our channel. #ZenZone

???? UPDATE 60????
???? New Fruit Egg! (Shadow Realm)
???? 9 new pets!
???? 2 ????
✨ New shop items in the Underworld!
???? 2 new gums (Magma and Fire)
???? 2 new flavors (Spicy and Intense)
???? 2 new faces (Vampire and Stitches)

Welcome to Bubble Gum Simulator! Blow bubbles to reach new heights in the clouds. Sell your bubbles or collect coins to buy upgrades! Hatch pets as companions to help you on your adventure.

A game by Rumble Studios.
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