Can you beat Warcraft 3 without losing a unit? (Part 2: Undead Campaign)

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Is it a challenge run, or secretly a review of Warcraft 3: Reforged?

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I stream six days per week on Twitch, mainly playing Strategy games, doing Challenge runs and Speedruns. (I am taking this week off, and will be back on Saturday, Jan 9th)

Deathless Warcraft 3 is very different compared to SC2. The slower kill speed means that I can split my attention more easily, but enemy heroes are on par with the hardest starcraft enemies, and the game's janky pathing combined with larger unit sizes can trap and doom units.

All-in-all I know that Warcraft 3 ramps up considerably in difficulty from here, with Frozen Throne being absolutely insane! Reforged adds it's own dose of wacky buggieness to the mix as well.

0:00 - Skit
0:17 - Intro
0:45 - Trudging Through the Ashes
2:02 - Digging Up the Dad
3:57 - Into the Eternal Realm
5:09 - Key of the Three Moons
6:30 - The Fall of Silvermoon
8:56 - Blackrock and Roll, too!
10:55 - The Siege of Dalaran
13:28 - Under the Burning Sky
16:58 - Thanks for Watching!
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