Cardboard Vending Machine FULL OF OF CHEWING GUM

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Sometimes Sam's chewing gum appears in completely inappropriate places! Today Sue got into one of and was very upset, because it ruined her shirt! So, our today's craft will prevent Sam from ruining Sue’s clothes with chewing gum! We will make a gumball vending machine from cardboard!

Making this machine requires some patience! You will need a lot of cardboard, hot glue, wooden sticks, paint for decoration and transparent Plexiglas. Start with an intricate maze. To make it, glue cardboard pieces to the cardboard base in different directions. To get the chewing gum out of this machine, you will need to work hard to make it go down in the right direction! It's not easy, but it's exciting! Don't forget about a special mechanism made of wooden sticks that will help you push the gum. And don't forget about the lever you're going to twist! When the maze is ready, cover it with transparent Plexiglas and proceed to the next part.

Next you should make a cool chute for the gum! Just like a waterslide! Take a cardboard tube and glue semicircle cardboard pieces at an angle along the tube! So the gum will roll down into the hole from which they will fall directly into our hands! Just check out how fun it is to help the chewing gum find the way out from our labyrinth! Guys, give a thumbs up if you liked making this vending machine with us!

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