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PC Gameplay Walkthrough. Part of the Dread X Collection, we try and rebuild a mummy while exploring ancient space ruins. Apologies for the poor performance.

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You play as an astronaut sent to the planet Carthanc on a top secret mission, hidden from the public. Is there life on Carthanc? If so, is it friendly? Can Carthanc sustain human life? Is it a viable candidate to terraform? Time for you to find out! You are tasked with collecting samples, filming footage, deploying tech, and determining if any life exists.

At least, that was the original

26 days have passed since your team disappeared and contact with your home planet was lost 23 days ago.

You're out of food and water. Your oxygen supply is running low. How will you survive the perils of Carthanc? After careful deliberation you decide you'd rather die trying to escape than to lay down and die on some alien world. But how can you possibly escape with everything but your space suit malfunctioning?

You risk becoming forever entombed on a strange foreign world when you decide to search for some sort of means of escape within the ruins of an ancient temple. This temple seems to be one of few remaining vestiges of the dead civilizations that used to exist on Carthanc.

An ancient evil lurks in the shadows, can you make it out alive?

Carthanc was created in 7 days as part of the 'Dread X Collection', a series of small games created with the same mission: create the for the horror project of their dreams in 7 days.

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