Chia mining | proof of space | dual mining para sa mga windows mining

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Imineblocks chia video-


Binance link:

Hive os link :

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Want to know for the updated daily profit for each GPU. Just visit this website-

building mining rig: step by step
windows10 image file:
Rufus for windows:
windows10 disable windows defender: #!8gZzjQaa!Dt4wE0WEo8nZkui_-cAAXL4mb4YlO6CJgFZTXKq9pnQ
OverdriveNTool (Overclocking):
MSI afterburner:
DDU uninstaller driver:

7-zip file:
windows 10 registry tweak: #!8gZzjQaa!Dt4wE0WEo8nZkui_-cAAXL4mb4YlO6CJgFZTXKq9pnQ
Maximum Safe Wattage of PSU Cables:
GPU Mining Resources:
Mining Pools List:
Ethereum Pool:
Eth DAG Size:
PhoenixMiner :
Beginner GPU Mining Software:
Cudo Miner:
Nvidia Drivers:
Nvidia Inspector:
AMD Drivers:
AMD BIOS Collection:
RED BIOS EDITOR and MorePowerTool for Polaris, Navi and Big Navi (For BIOS Modding the RX 5700 XT):

BIOS Mod Tool:

for donation this is my eth wallet address: 0xd30b9ab12e9ba1091e06c9326265b8df2f0a39a2

Fb page:

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