Clash of Clans: Best Clash Streamer ROAD To 1000 SUBS | Gold Pass Giveaway @ 1000 Subs + BASE VISIT

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GOLD PASS GIVEAWAY at 1000 subs barrier, no less no more. Let us grow!

Greetings fellow Clashers and welcome all to ZombieMence Stream!
In todays livestream, i will talk about the road to 1000 subscribers and the GOLD PASS GIVEAWAY. Also, we will chill and talk with each other. During this, i will of course do some BASE VISITING as always & do live attacks to gain some good loot to upgrade my village to MAX.


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My base ID: #99YURRYC

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ZombieMence is all about quality over quantity. I always try to provide the best possible livestream for my subscribers and for new comers! Feel welcome in the stream, make sure to comment something so that i can see who you are!

You can help me motivate by SUBSCRIBING and LIKING my streams!
Let's grow together!


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