Complete Solo MagSorc PvP Build Guide [ESO Stonethorn]

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A thourough overview of what is possible for magicka sorcerer this patch, with explanations and editor links to all the builds. Enjoy!

Timestamps & Build Links:

00:00 Intro
00:56 Changes in Stonethorn
3:47 General Build Information
17:37 Build 1: shacklebreaker - alfiq
21:04 Build 2: bright throat's boast - alfiq
23:14 Build 3: alfiq - magnus (heavy)
33:10 Build 4: alfiq - lich - master's inferno
40:41 Build 5: ironblood - alfiq (nocp cyrodiil)
45:32 Build 6: necropotence - lich (nocp bgs)
49:24 Honorable mentions
53:53 Outro

If you want to support this channel or get more personalized guidance:

Discord, for questions, short written overviews of the builds & more:

Guide to burst combo's and shieldstacking/defensive combo's:
Guide to kiting and target prioritization:
These 2 links are from a previous patch, however the guidance still counts in Stonethorn

Shoutout to ogybaba for hinting me about ironblood for nocp, you can find his channel here:

Outro: Fizzy Daequan - Eye
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