Connor Leaves Game Master Network! Emotional 24 Hours Searching Goes Wrong! Matt and Rebecca

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Rebecca Zamolo realizes Matt is jealous after spending 24 hours as kings and queens in the princess realm. That was after Matt has accident during jumping through impossible shapes. Now Matt, Rebecca, Maddie and Daniel start searching for Connor who has left the game master network. Once they search the house Maddie decides to call Zoe to see if she knows where Connor Is. Daniel thinks this goes wrong instantly. The Facetime call was the worst so they decide to look inside the realm and maybe he will be there. Once they enter the realm it is time to split up. Matt, Rebecc and Maddie look on the map with the clue that the girls found in the fairy tale cottage. Daniel decides he is going to look around the fairy tale cottage. That is when he meets the queen of gems sister. She convinces him to drink some sort of tea that makes him tell the truth. The other group find clues with gems but it quickly turns into a hide and seek chase and they are separated. Maddie and Matt return to the portal jump location to meet with Daniel. Rebecca is lost and is now missing with Connor. Daniel convinces everyone to leave back to home but Rebecca doesn't make it. Can Rebecca survive in the realm or is she really trapped? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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