Couch Convention 2020 Trailer

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On the weekend 4th/5th/6th September 2020, we are inviting you to join us at our online Weekend with all the fun and games of our usual Marillion Weekends, but all virtual and for FREE.

On each of the evenings, we will be streaming a full concert film on our YouTube channel, and we are hoping fans around the world will gather and watch together.

We will also be replicating other Marillion Weekend experiences during the day on Saturday and Sunday: hosting quizzes, Instagram chats, Twitter Q & As, "aftershow" parties and lots of other fun stuff.

A full schedule will be posted at , which we will be updating between now and the event.

There will be a lot of opportunities for you to interact with the band and chances to win some great prizes.

Our worldwide fanclubs will also be getting involved and some will be running their own online events - these will be added to the schedule as it evolves.

If in your country lockdown regulations have eased, and it safe to do so, you could consider meeting up with friends to share the occasion.

We hope to see you there!
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