CUCK THE FILM/Interview w/Rob Lambert Joe Varkle

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This is an interview with Rob Lambert & Joe Varkle who created the movie Cuck (2019). This is a movie that is sometimes considered a political thriller, but a movie about a young man who feels displaced in the world and finds the answer in Alt-right movements and the Red Pill. I always felt this was a good portrayal of what I had seen in the early PUA days and now the Red Pill. The vast majority of people into PUA culture or the Red Pill or the Manosphere do not kill people or act out of terror this is a small fringe of people. But the vast majority of people involved in those cultures do carry unresolved anger that turns into unnecessary dysfunction in their lives. In this interview, we cover a lot. It goes far beyond any politics and in it you see my mind change a lot in terms of the real problem here.

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