Dark Super Sonic V.S. Sonic.EXE - The Race [Animation] ソニック v. ソニック

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An enraged hedgehog and a self-proclaimed god race to finish line in order to see who will capture Tails the Fox first. If Dark Sonic wins, Tails is saved. If wins, Tails is in grave danger. An epic Halloween race is about to unfold!

Animation Tool: MikuMikuDance
Dark Sonic model by SN495
Sonic EXE model by Kumiko-shiva
Tails The Fox models by waleedtariqmmd & SAB64
Omochao model by AnmeGirl
Knuckles & Amy models by SAB64
Shadow model by SN495
Tornado model by SAB64
Wrench model by Mr-Mecha-Man
Boom boo model by SAB64
Iblis Golem model by SAB64
Goal post model by SAB64
Goal ring model by BlueXBlur
Tails Doll model by SAB64

Pine Forest stage by ketokeas
Flowered Forest stage by Clyriss
Grassland stage by SN495
Kingdom Valley stage by Desperative
Aura Kingdom skydome by witchfrogh
Gerudo Desert Sand stage by JuleHyrule
Dead Mountain Trail stage by JuleHyrule
End of the World stage by SAB64

Music used:
Sonic Lost World Windy Hill Zone 1 (Hip Hop Remix) - by GHETTO DEMIGOD
[Event] The Last Clash With Iblis - Sonic 2006
Drowning - Sonic The Hedgehog (1991)
Goku's Anger - Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F
Tails In Trouble - Sonic Unleashed
Metal Scratchin' - Sonic Rush
Chaos Emerald - Sonic X
[Event] Fanfare for Dr. Eggman - Sonic Adventure
Haunted Castle - Team Sonic Racing
A Ghost Pumpkin's Soup - Sonic Adventure 2
Fight The Knight - Sonic And The Black Knight
Unawakening Float - Sonic And the Secret Rings
Hill Zone -
Rhythm and Balance - Sonic Adventure 2
Medley Rush - Sonic Rush
Unattainable - Sonic X
Can you Feel The Sunshine - Sonic R
Raisin' Me Up - Sonic Rush

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Sonic The Hedgehog belongs to SEGA(c).
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