Data Wrangling in Pandas for Machine Learning Engineers - learn Machine Learning

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Data Wrangling in Pandas for Machine Learning Engineers - learn Machine Learning
What you will learn in this course ?
What you'll learnYou'll learn data wrangling in 'll be prepared for interview questions on data wrangling in wrangling is what machine learning engineers do around 70% of the time and the skills in this course will put you ahead of others in the real 'll be adept using the most important Python library for data wrangling.
Reviews: The examples given and explanation provided by the instructor were great. He is entertaining as well as knowledgeable about the subject. - Prakash ShelkeSpectacular step by step instructions with great examples and labs. -DonatoGreat course !!!!! You learn how to use the Pandas library for its own sake and not as a part of some courses devoted to other topics. -Giovanni De AngelisThe course is really impressive. Tons of information, and I learned a great deal. I had no Python background, and now I feel a lot more confident about working with Python than ever. Thanks for the course.  Austin Honestly Mike your classes speak for themselves. They're informative, concise and just really well put together. They're exactly the kind of courses I look for. -Alex ElI have been a software engineer for more years than I care to admit. I found the presentation, speed and depth fit what I was looking for perfectly. I believe at this point I understand enough about Pandas so that I can move forward with this branch of learning. - Danny
Course Description Welcome to Data Wrangling in Pandas for Machine Learning Engineers
This is the second course in a series designed to prepare you for becoming a machine learning 'll keep this updated and list only the courses that are live.  Here is a list of the courses that can be taken right now.  Please take them in order. The knowledge builds from course to course. The Complete Python Course for Machine Learning Engineers Data Wrangling in Pandas for Machine Learning Engineers (This one) Data Visualization in Python for Machine Learning Engineers
Learn the single most important skill for the machine learning engineer: Data Wrangling
A complete understanding of data wrangling from A-Z. The ability to completely cleanse a tabular data set in Pandas. Lab integrated. Please don't just watch. Learning is an interactive event.  Go over every lab in detail. Real world Interviews knowledge builds from course to course in a serial nature. Without the first course many students might struggle with this one. Thank you. 
Many new to machine learning believe machine learning engineers spend their days building deep
neural models in Keras or SciKit-Learn. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that isn’t the case. A recent study from Kaggle determined that 80% of time data scientists and machine learning engineers
spend their time cleaning data. The term used for cleaning data in data science circles is called data wrangling.  In this course we are going to learn Pandas using a lab integrated approach. Programming is something you have to do in
order to master it. You can't read about Python and expect to learn it. Pandas is the single most important library for data wrangling in Python. Data wrangling is the process of programmatically transforming data into a format that makes it easier to work with. 
This might mean modifying all of the values in a given column in a certain way, or merging multiple columns together. The necessity for data wrangling is often a byproduct of poorly collected or presented data. In the real world data is messy. Very rarely do you have nicely cleansed data sets to point your supervised models against. Keep in mind that 99% of all applied machine learning (real world machine learning) is supervised. That simply means models need really clean, nicely formatted data.  Bad data in means bad model results out.                                                            

Five Reasons to Take this Course

1) You Want to be a Machine Learning EngineerIt's one of the most sought after careers in the world. The growth potential career wise is second to none. You want the freedom to move anywhere you'd like. You want to be compensated for your efforts. You want to be able to work remotely. The list of benefits goes on. Without a solid understanding of data wrangling in Python you'll have a hard time of securing a position as a machine learning engineer. 2) Most of Machine Learning is Data Wrangling If you're new to this space the one thing many won't tell you is that much of the job of the data scientist and the machine learning
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