Day 51 Daily Bible: 1 Corinthians 7-9; Leviticus 10-11; Psalms 43 (NLT) Four Streams Plan

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▶︎ We are reading the entire book in about a year, using a plan called Four Streams Bible Reading Plan, available at ... This plan goes through the New Testament 4 times per year, the Old Testament once, Psalms twice, and Proverbs 4 times per year.

▶︎ We have made no secret of our passion for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We feel that it is our calling to share Him with everyone. Enjoy this book as it's read like a mystery/history book/love story/thriller and open your eyes, ears, mind, heart, and soul to the possibilities, promises, and hope that are revealed in this ancient text!

We are the Nichters, and this is Our Crazy RV Life! We sold everything we could, and gave away the rest, just so we could live in a 28' RV travel trailer with our dog, Bailey.

You see, we had a dream. We wanted to be free of the "normal" expectations that most Americans have. You know, that so-called American dream of owning a beautiful home on a cul de sac, going on expensive vacations once a year, and otherwise living to work. We wanted to turn that into living in a home on wheels, being able to pick up and go whenever we wanted, and working to live life the way we want. This way, we can plan on Jeff retiring in just a couple of years instead of working until he can't physically do it anymore.

Come along with us as we immerse ourselves in Our Crazy RV Life!

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