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I feel like I'm beginning to find my feet again in this crazy carp world. I guess it's like riding a bike, you never really forget how to do it. Over the past 2 weeks, I've accumulated what I believe to be the basic setup to catch carp. And believe me when I say, I don't have a bottomless credit or an all-forgiving wife, but I have bought the necessaries to be comfortable and be safe in the knowledge things aren't going to break the 1st time I use them. I have years of experience with fishing, and as like most, I'm pretty confident I can tell a quality product from a bad!

Today I'm off to the Essex Carp Syndicate day ticket fishery in Great Baddow near Chelmsford. I'm dragging my son Aidan along again to help me film the takes which really helps with the shoot log. I have no preconceived ideas about what we're going to film apart from the obvious lake shots and its inhabitants but when it comes to catching a we'll that's a different story.

When writing a creative brief for a shoot, the skeleton itinerary usually consists of the following:

1. Prep
2. Travel
3. Setup
4. Action
5. Closing

Seems pretty simple right? But within each header, there are 5 more headers, and within those 5 headers, there are 5 not to mention transitions and the glue that binds the and so on. Now 'Action'... that's 'part unknown' obviously because you can never guarantee a fish. Yes, you can fake a great deal, but the ending is always more plausible if you can add a fish or two.

Well, now I'm in front of the camera and writing my own creative briefs, I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise for the pressure I may have put people under to delivery that brief. Fishing can be hard and unpredictable. But a good creative director knows this and always has a plan B to hand.

Follow us on this 24hr session and hopefully, we'll be able to tick everything off that list :)

For more details on the awesome Essex Carp Syndicate day ticket lakes please visit:

Big thanks to Mitch for allowing us to fish and film on his gorgeous lake.
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