Deleted Engineer Dialogue FULLY TRANSLATED from the Script of Prometheus

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In todays video I’ll be covering the full translation of the engineer dialogue scene that was cut from Prometheus in the editing process.
In the theatrical version the Engineer doesn’t say a word after awakening, however the blu ray edition contains an entire 2 minute conversation between the Engineer, David and Weyland.

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Draft Script LINK:

On top of that, one of the early scripts has a 5 page dialogue with the awakened Engineer which is fully translated in English and reveals many plot points that explain some of the mysteries of the movie.

So first, I’m gonna go through the blu ray deleted scene, providing a translation of what the Engineer and David said to each other. The linguist that was responsible for the Engineer language actually gave an interview explaining what different lines meant.

Then I’ll cover the the extended dialogue from the early draft script, which was eventually rewritten and the conversation with the Engineer was extensively reduced.

Then David adresses the engineer in the Proto-Indo-European language that he learned on his way to to lv 226.
There’s actually a short scene in the beginning of the movie of him practicing this language while eating and the guy on the screen is the real life linguist Dr. Anil Bilto who developed the engineer language for the movie.

In the deleted scene when the engineer speaks, David translates it to Weyland saying
“he asks you why you’re here” Then Weyland tells David to tell the Engineer the reason Weyland wanted to meet him

According to the linguist what David said can be directly translated as
‘This man is here because he does not want to die. He believes you can give him more life’.

The Engineer responds and David translates is back to Weyland “I told him you wanted to life forever, he asks why “. Then we can see the excitement in Weyland’s eyes as he explains why he deserves to live forever :

“You see this man pointing to David my company build him from nothing. I made him and made him in my own image so he would be perfect so he would never fail. I deserve this because you and I we are superiors we are creators we are gods and gods never die.”

This draft script has a nearly 5 page conversation with the Engineer, which was eventually reduced to a just few lines.

What did he say, David?

He asked to know why you're here
Tell him, I came for answers. Ask him, why they
created us, what is our purpose and where did
we come from. Ask him, David, Ask him!
We want to know why you created life on our
planet. Why did you create us and what was
our purpose?

LAST ENGINEER explains why they created life on Earth

Many worlds have been crafted by the hand of our fathers
through the blood of our lord. Yours was the only one
that was successful. The Star child of the universe.
Yours id the only star child that is like our home world.
What is he, saying?
They made our planet perfect like theirs

Then just like in the movie, the script describes a really important scene involving Shaw which reveals Weyland’s true nature.

Weyland approaches the engineer and gives the exact same speech we hear in the deleted scene, basically saying that he created David, which makes him superior and equal to Engineers, therefore equal to Gods who should live forever.
Then the events unfold in the same way as in the movie, the Engineer looks at David, examines him with curiosity and admiration but then he rips off his head and proceeds to kill the screw.

As the engineer explicitly said in the script he refused giving Weyland eternal life because according to him humanity was unworthy of that. In addition, engineers decided to send the deadly virus 2 thousand years ago because they deemed humanity a violent species which was illustrated in front of engineer’s eyes when Weyland ordered to hit Elizabeth.

Lastly let’s look at another early script in which the scene of the engineer awakening is totally different and I’ll probably make a separate video about that script since it has many elements totally different from the movie.

Later in this script, the Engineer launches the juggernaut to earth however, as he’s taking off, an alien erupts from his chest and though the pilot chair suit, which ultimately kills him.

This alien is called Ultramorph in the script and there exist designs and concept art with this creature which is described as a jockey Xenomorph spawned from an Engineer host

This sequence of events in which an alien erupts from the pilot leading to the ship crash perfectly connects to the original alien of 1979 where the crew finds a fossilized space jockey with a hole in his chest inside of a crashed juggernaut.
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