Demon’s Souls Builds: Moonlight Valkyrie (PvP & PvE) Guide for Large Sword of Moonlight

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Demon’s Souls Builds: Moonlight Valkyrie (PvP & PvE)
n this Demon’s Souls Remake Build Guide, I’m going to be covering my Moonlight Valkyrie Build, which uses the now legendary weapon Large Sword of Moonlight. This Build is particularly good for beginners who wish to PvP, or for those who like to co-op and ward off invaders. It can also be used effectively in PvE because of its high Magic Damage.

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0:00 - Moonlight Valkyrie Build
0:52 - Moonlight Valkyrie Starting Class
1:14 - Early Game Tips
2:27 - Moonlight Valkyrie Stats
3:23 - Moonlight Valkyrie Build Details
5:31 - Final Tips

The Moonlight Valkyrie Build uses the Large Sword of Moonlight, which does 100% Magic Damage. Many enemies in the game are weak to Magic Damage, making it particularly good against them, but what’s really great is that the sword cannot be blocked by Shields. This makes it excellent against human enemies that Block a lot, and against players that use Shields since it renders them ineffective.

Combined with the Sword you’ll be using the Adjudicator’s Shield and Regenerator’s Ring, which heal you over time. This will allow you to fight PvP battles where your enemy will have to press his or her advantage when you are low on health or you will just heal back up. This often puts them in situations where you can predict their attacks and can swing things back in your favor, which is why this Build works well for PvP.

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