Demon’s Souls Remake PVP: Blind The Feather Curved Sword

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Demon’s Souls Remake PVP : BLIND SHOWCASE

I had several requests for this weapon so I decided to make a quick video on is probably the lightest weapon in the game weighing about , with that being said it can ignore shields which seems pretty cool however, the damage output on this weapon is very low, enough though it has S scale rating dex, you will be sitting around 110-130 damage with 24 dex and at max dex 210. Not only that, but it breaks extremely fast. Once you come up against targets with high defensive/ vitality you will notice the low damage. However, it is always good to try different weapons, but this I would not recommend at all almost any curved sword is better then this but if you enjoy cosplaying as serene then go for it!

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