Destroying Mondo Chick + Beesmas Quest Are Challenging! In Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator

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In Todays Video, xDarzethx Plays Roblox Bee Swarm simulator Beesmas Part 2 update and he takes on a few of the new quests like spirit bear and gummy bears quests.

Destroying Mondo Chick + Beesmas Quest Are Challenging! In Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator

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Bee Swarm Simulator
By Onett

New more challenging Winter Event quests have just been added! Complete 10 more Bee Bear quests to create a Festive Wreath for your Festive Bee! And help more characters decorate the map to unlock some secret rewards! ⚠️ Warning - these quests are a doozy ⚠️

❄️ Winter Honeyday Update! ❄️

???? Traveling Bear: Bee Bear! Help this jolly bear prepare for Beesmas by delivering Presents and more!
???? Beequips: A new type of item you can equip to your bees! Enhance their stats, teach them new abilities!
????️ Decorations: Help Bears complete honeyday decorations to unlock special tools around the map!
???? Beesmas Tree: Exchange gifts with the Bears to obtain special boost-granting Ornaments!
☃️ Snowbear: Defeat the Snowbear! Each time you do, it grows bigger and stronger!
???? Bee Bear's Catalog: Collect Gingerbread Bears and Snowflakes to purchase special items in this limited time shop!

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