DissociaDID's Adventures In Scamming, Racism, And Miseducation

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Every single time i went in to do research about DissociaDID, what i found just kept getting worse. Misinformation is one thing, but exploiting your audience's sympathy for money , a great deal worse.

also i may have messed up pronouns a couple times and that was my mistake, terribly sorry.

00:00 Introduction
01:21 Misinformation
05:52 Racism
09:09 The ba-a-a-ad guy(s?) duh
10:17 Audience Abuse I
10:54 Audience Manipulation I
12:04 Audience Abuse II
13:01 Napkin Math
13:59 Audience Manipulation II
15:28 The Businessystem
18:02 STONKS
18:44 I'm Being Controversial For Views
22:50 Professional Malfeasance
26:18 (pretend the 100 emoji is here)
28:05 the end, but my end screen is pretty

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