(Doom 2) Sunder (2009 Version) - D2All UV Max in 6:40:47 (Twitch Highlight)

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Download this verison of Sunder:

This was streamed at

Here's the highlight from twitch, featuring commentary and chat. The non-commentary video is taking a little longer to process and upload, it will probably be up by tomorrow. Originally I was going to publish this and the non-commentary run at the same time, but I've been having some serious trouble rendering and recording the demo.

Note: I was having internet issues during the stream, and so it is a little choppy in some places, and in others, quality can be pretty bad. There are noticeable skips in maps 06 and map08. Also I took breaks in certain parts, but I've tried to cut these out as much as possible. There was even a point in map14 where I had to pause and welcome my parents back from Florida. I may have missed some moments where I got up to get a drink or paused to read chat.

Copied from the demo text file:

Wad: Sunder (2009 Release)
Maps: D2All (01 - 14)
Skill: 4
Category: UV Max
Source Port: DSDA-Doom
Time: 400:47 (6:40:47)

Complevel: 9
Date: 3/30/2021
Author: Arbys550


The Advanced HUD was used in this demo. 2 pain elementals failed to teleport in on map13, but other than that, all kills.

The big goal in this run is just to make it past map06. After that, it's just pure survival just to see how far you can get. I spent a lot of time practicing the platforming section in map11, and luckily I never fell there in the two times I made it that far. The fight at the end of map12 is really scary, but saving the corner cells in the middle can allow you some extra bfg shots before you run out.

This was attempt number 73, which I don't think is too bad. It was only a couple months of runs. I did have one gruesome death in the very final fight of map14. Play got really conservative in the last two maps, especially the end of map13 and the middle of map14.

There's still some things I cringe at in this run, namely when I completely fucked up the AV jump at the beginning of map12 but still made it anyways. Also I thought a cyber was dead in the very final fight in map14 but it wasn't, and almost buzzkilled the run.

I don't know what else to say really, except for thanks for all the other d2allers that are participating in this mini-craze right now and who had supported me throughout this journey. This includes Starduster, Daerik, David Asaad, and Nightterror. Additionally, want to thank all the runners who have completed uv max demos of the individual maps for giving me ideas for strats. Also thanks to everyone who came to witness this on stream, especially nbrocx, FrancisT18, el_inferno, Lucky_Edie, Jacek Bourne, conzmoleman, MarketAnarchy, MasterMedi, 4shockblast, and stxvile. Lastly thanks to insane_gazebo for creating this masterpiece of a wad.

And thanks to you, Youtube! This journey has been a great one for me, and we have managed to build up a positive, mini-community which has been awesome to see!

This is also the new longest demo on DSDA, sorry frinky!

Table of Contents (Individual map splits in parenthesis):

0:00 Map01: Python ()
6:47 Map02: The Burrow ()
14:20 Map03: The Dreaming Garden ()
30:08 Map04: Metal Descendants ()
48:06 Map05: Precarious ()
1:07:13 Map06: Grinder ()
1:32:33 Map07: Hollow Icon ()
1:56:17 Map08: Pale Monument ()
2:30:17 Map09: The Cage ()
3:08:39 Map10: The Hag's Finger ()
3:51:01 Map11: The Furnace ()
4:43:18 Map12: The Zealous Machine ()
5:20:59 Map13: Obsidian Nightmare ()
6:15:44 Map14: Hive Mother ()
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