DOOM Eternal - Horde Mode: Trial of The Dark Lord | AVAILABLE NOW!

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Experience the most challenging and engaging combat in DOOM Eternal, new mechanics, enemy variants, meathook platforming, AI Invasions, and much more in Horde Mode: Trial of The Dark Lord, a fan-made prequel expansion to DOOM Eternal - The Ancient Gods Part Two.

[ ] How to play:

You must purchase The Ancient Gods: Part One expansion for DOOM Eternal to be able to play this mod. The mod will replace the DLC campaign and can be accessed via the main menu.

[ ] Important information:

* It is recommended that the mod is played with the game set to the English language, as some custom text may not appear correctly otherwise.
* This mod utilizes objectives, objective markers, and HUD notifications to show important POIs and information, so please enable those in the game’s options menu.

[ ] Download links:

* Google Drive direct link:
* Page on Nexus Mods:

[ ] Installation instructions:

This mod was packed to be installed using the DOOM Eternal mod loader. For instructions on how to install the mod loader, check the eternal​-faq channel in the DOOM Eternal official modding Discord server, which will be linked below.

DOOM Eternal Modding Discord: ​

Alternatively, you can check out a video I made explaining how to install DOOM Eternal mods, but it might be outdated, so it is highly recommended to look for the latest tools and instructions in the official modding Discord linked above:
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