DPS - How to Deal Damage in Guild Wars 2 PvP - Roles and Rotations Guide

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The DPS or damage role is simple but essential to GW2 PvP. Learning where to rotate to pressure the enemy the most and what to do in unfavorable scenarios can be the difference between winning and losing.

The other roles and rotations playlist

Determining what build players are using

Hybrid Herald DPS Build
Wizard Resistance Rune
Sword/Shield Energy/Cleansing
Mace/Axe Doom/Exposure

Power Reaper DPS Build
Staff Energy/Escape
Axe/Warhorn Exposure/Opportunity

Burn Dragonhunter DPS Build
Carrion Traveler Rune
Sword/Torch Intelligence/Smoldering
Scepter/Shield Energy/Doom

Flamethrower Scrapper DPS Build
Berserker Chronomancer Rune
Rifle Purging/Courage

How to Carry in PvP -

0:00 - Intro
2:44 - Role of DPS
6:21 - DPS Priorities
12:18 - Building Condition DPS
15:47 - Building Power DPS
18:09 - Hybrid Herald Build
21:40 - Herald Match Commentary
31:15 - Power Reaper Build
35:34 - Reaper Match Commentary
46:15 - Burn Dragonhunter Build
50:25 - Dragonhunter Match Commentary
1:02:52 - Flamethrower Scrapper Build
1:09:20 - Scrapper Match Commentary

Music: Divinity Original Sin 2 OST
Single Drop of Magic -
Rivellon -
The Battle for Divinity -

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