Elwynn Forest Secrets and Easter Eggs (World of Warcraft)

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World of Warcraft is a huge game. Whether it be Vanilla or Battle for Azeroth or Shadowlands or WoW Classic, Blizzard Entertainment packed a ton of cool Secrets and Easter Eggs into every single area of their MMORPG. Today, let's take a trip to Elwynn Forest, heartland of the Human Kingdom of from the creepy Children of Goldshire to the rare spawns that dot the region, let's see all of the cool worldbuilding, secrets, and environmental storytelling details we can find in this classic high fantasy setting!

Part of this script was written by Ben Stewart.

Some environment B-Roll footage taken from:
Meisio ----- ►
Everness - ►

Artwork by:
Konstantin Turovec - ►

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