ESO 1VX - OUTNUMBERED PvP -The New meta has completely broken this class????????????

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If you wanna reach me either privately or publicly discord is the best place. I will do my best to help with builds cp or anything in general and if i cant someone else can. i may not get back to you right away but i WILL get back to you. Appretiate every like comment share donation sub and join/member AKA SUPER (AND ULTRA) SUB???????????? and though not needed every cent or second given to this channel will go back into making it a better experience for you.
YOOOOOOOO don't sleep on this class because its definitely a problem folks but I mean that in a good way. those with skill and thumbs can finally take to cyro and get their x on again. I think this is the perfect time for this class to shine as the lack of carry sets and cheese has actually made this class a top contender. get out there and try it out???????????????????????????????????????? stay safe UPLOAD BUILD VIDEO ANYWAY LOL but sooner if we reach the total, its nit about the likes im just seeing if enough people want it????????????
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