"Evertale" Horror Game Ad Variant #1? What is this?!

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I've been getting this very weird ad later that is supposedly for a mobile game called "Evertale" and have managed to get a screen capture of one variation of it. However, I have no idea if it actually has anything to do with the game. I would call it a hoax or something for April 1st but I did find some forums talking about people seeing it since February of this year. I unfortunately missed the first 2 seconds of the ad.

If you are wondering, Evertale has an ESRB rating of T, which would, at least in the United States, not allow for the content in this ad to be in the game.

My question is if this is an ARG, a teaser for a horror game based in the Evertale's game's world or something, At the end of the day, someone is paying to have this shown as a seemingly legitimate ad with second variant to this one. I will be on the look out for the other version of this ad.
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