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0:15 In this part of the animation about tanks, the green tank decided to fire at the monster of the chameleon tank. But he never fought in the battle of tanks and did not know how to fight with tanks in this cartoon about the tank war. Evil VS good.
0:20 In this battle in the world of tanks, the monster tank chameleon turned out to be invulnerable and chased after the green tank in order to avenge in this war between tanks for children online.
0:27 Then, in a cartoon about tanks for children online, a green tank recalled how, at a tank school, at a combat tactics lesson, looked out the window and imagined that it was the coolest tank in the world of tanks even without battles and battles won. Tank for kids
0:53 The animation about battles and tanks for children continues with the fact that the green tank did not listen to the tank teacher during geography lessons, but flew in the clouds.
1:01 Instead of learning about war, battles and battles with other tanks in the world of tanks for children, the green tank was completely asleep in the shooting lessons.
1:10 Cartoon about tanks for children online teaches that you can’t sleep at school in the classroom. It is necessary to obtain knowledge that will be useful in the war of tanks and battles.
1:20 Next, in the animation about tanks for children, the green tank recalled how in practice about shooting he never hit the target. He was very poorly prepared for a tank war and did not know how to win a war in the tank world.
1:33 At the end of the cartoon about tanks, battles and battles in the world of tanks for children online, while the green tank recalled his school years, the monster tank chameleon almost caught up with his rival in this tank war.
1:37 Can a lazy green tank survive this battle in the world of tanks with the strongest tank, you will learn in the next series about the tank war for children online.

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