Flash (Wally West) vs Archie Sonic: Death Battle Prediction

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Hello, this is Plozible, and I've made my comeback with something I thought would be a very cool video! Sonic vs Flash has always been one of those very popular matchups that people like to talk about, but Death Battle finally listened to the fans and ended up doing it! I'm a fan of both characters, so I wanted to talk about my thoughts on the fight.

Yes, I know that this is done like last second before the actual Death Battle, but I had to take quite some time to get all of the pictures, get all of the editing done, and I wanted to see how this would work if I did a solo Death Battle coverage. I'm hoping to see how the results go!

I used different sites for some of the scans and calculations referenced in this video, so I'm going to be linking these to show the proper respect to what I've used in this video.

Main Respect Threads/Death Battle Blogs:
~ Death Battle Blog Analysis for Wally:
~ Death Battle Blog Analysis for Sonic:
~ ComicVine Wally Respect Thread:

Calculations Referenced:
~ Wonder Woman's Shattered God Feat:
~ Wally Runs With the Big Bang:
~ Hal Jordan's Search Across the Universe:
~ Sonic Visits Every Planet:
~ Night of 1000 Sonics Multiverse Travel:
~ Chaos 0 Controls The Oceans:

If you want more information on the cosmology of the Archie Sonic Comics, I would advise checking out a blog I made a while back on it. It will help better understand some of the ideas of the video.

I'd like to also give special recognition to BangJang96, Cyber, and Bowman for some of the information we discussed about this matchup! It helped make my view a lot more defined compared to what I originally had. They were MVPs in this.

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Astral Kvng:

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