FLIGHT SIM KING? - TrackIR 5 Head Tracking - Unboxing Setup & Review

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Tortuga reviews the TrackIR software and hardware for head tracking in simulation games (like IL-2, MS Flight Sim, Project Cars, and Arma 3) with an emphasis on flight sims.

I will do an unboxing, provide a tutorial for setting up both hardware and software, and finish with a review of the product.

Thank you to Natural Point for providing a review package.

Time stamps:
0:00 – Introduction
2:32 – Unboxing
3:04 – Hardware Setup
4:07 – Software Setup
8:04 – IL-2 Footage
14:12 – MS Flight Sim
17:12 – Final Thoughts

===== TrackIR Links =====

► TrackIR product page

(purchase option at bottom)

► Helpful IL-2 forum post on TrackIR:

(Fourth post links to Requiem's profile, who has a great YT channel too!)

► Technical background FAQ

(the science of TrackIR)

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