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Sometimes you gotta be bold and just rock the !

"Forever Red Velvet - The Movie" is a project created in commemoration to celebrate Red Velvet's 6th debut anniversary, a collaboration with redvelvetology for the Art Design & beautiful Animations that you can see through the film, the music used are of course Red Velvet songs but the music mixes are made by @Yirohan & @SwimTeamOne, I couldn't have created this film without their precious work, thank you very much!
This project has been on the works for 4 months now, so it's very pleasing to have it finally released to celebrate Red Velvet together. These past 6 years have been a fun and amazing journey with these 5 girls, Red Velvet congratulations on your 6 years together and for many more to come, we are always thankful for all your effort, passion and good energy you give us, hope you all enjoy this film and remember Forever Red Velvet!

Like always, thanks for watching and enjoy!

Alexis ❤️

PD: If you want to talk to me you can leave me all your comments below or find me on Twitter @JYISW or Instagram @JYISW I am always there :D

-Yirohan's (Twitter & Instagram: mkirohan)
-Swim Team One (Twitter: SwimTeamOne)
-redvelvetology (Twitter: redvelvetology)


Red Velvet Official

Follow the girls:

Joy -
Yeri -
Irene -
Seulgi -
Wendy -

Clips, pictures, and songs used are not mine. Credits to the owners.
No copyright infringement intended. Done for entertainment purposes only.


// Translation
Most of all the content that it was used comes from videos of ReVelup Subs & ForVelvet Subs which are teams that dedicate and translate Red Velvet content, a big huge thank you to them! Please check their work too! At ReVelUpSubs Also thanks to _dumbdumb_ who helped me translate some parts to make everything fit better. Translations by itsyouairene, joohyunisabae, ilyerene and Red Velvet Updates were also used. Thank you!

// Music Mixes
-ReVelation (Swim Team One):
-Red Velvet Cake 2019 (Yirohan):
-Power Up (Remix):
-Bad Boy (BamBeast Remix):

// BG Music
-We are free by @ikson
-Psycho Orchestra:

// Content
-Red Velvet VCR Red Room:
-Red Room & Red Mare Extracts, SM Rookies Clips you can find at smtown’s channel.
-Red Velvet Predebut Dance practice:
-150403 Red Velvet Kim Shin Young's Noon Song Of Hope - Part 3:
-160324 Red Velvet (레드벨벳) Hope Song Radio:
-181213 Red Velvet (레드벨벳) Old School Radio:
-RV on YHY Sketchbook EP:
-160322 THE SHOW 'One Of These Nights' 1st Win:
-Backstage interview:
-190219 REDMARE in Toronto Ment by WNC JOY:
-191124 La Rouge fancam by WNC JOY:
-180512 Red Velvet Dream Concert Fanchant Wide-Angle Fancam by wA:
-171202 Red Velvet Peek-A-Boo MMA:
-190727 아이린 IRENE - Ending Ment @ inteRView fanmeet:
-[WELCOME 2] Red Velvet New Member_YERI:
-Red Velvet Birthday Surprise for IRENE in Tokyo:
-Red Velvet shaking hands with North Korea's Kim Jong Un:
-Extracts From Red Velvet’s Vlives that you can find on Red Velvet’s VAPP Channel were used (First live Hangang River, OOTN, Russian Roulette, Zimzalabim, Umpah Umpah Picnic, The Reve Festival Finale Ep, etc.)
-Other clips were taken from Twitter uploaded by the rv official accounts and fans, if you are curious of a certain part do not doubt on sending me a message, I will kindly link you up to it!

FOREVER RED VELVET - THE MOVIE (01/08/2020) ????????????????????
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